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Hello my loves!!!!

When you pop on your bonnet, many times you are only thinking of preserving your hairstyle or hiding your hair. I mean what more could a bonnet possibly do right?  Lol, when it comes to BonnieLove Bonnets there's ALOT more! 

Yes, BonnieLove will definitely preserve a hairstyle.  Actually, she will keep it fresher, shinier, reduce the frizz, and if you're rocking curls...keep them in place longer.  BUT that's not it......

So let's say you wear braids. Braids can be a love hate relationship.  You sit for hours having them installed, only to have not so fresh looking hair 2 weeks in.  That's no Bueno!!!!  2 weeks in, a BonnieLove Bonnet, and braids by a braid slayer....... YES, your braids will have all the life! 

Now maybe your hair looks dry and you're experiencing breakage..... welllll you need BonnieLove!  BonnieLove bonnets are made with a specific satin lining that locks in moisture while still allowing your hair to breathe. Moisture and reduced friction promotes growth, no matter how you flip it BonnieLove encourages growth because she gives you that automatically.  

So you may be reading this thinking, I wear other protective styles so I'm good. 

No, no, no dear you're not.....even though your hair is hidden, it still needs TLC. So. Um. Yeah. You need BonnieLove too because sealing in moisture is everything when it comes to black hair care. Dry hair braided down is nothing more than a train wreck waiting to happen. 

Regardless of your style, BonnieLove has you covered and always your hair's best interest at heart! 💚

Until next time mama! 

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  • Thank you so much I just received my order and I love thank so much and the hand written thank you note is amazing I really appreciate that

    April cary-Bartlett on

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