You Hold the Key!

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Happy Labor Day Mama!!!!!

Currenly relishing in my 'day off on'!  No, I'm not laboring at someone else's dream, I'm in the BHive laboring with love!

This weekend, I've worked on researching a project of my own. During the research, I had an epitome. We hold the key!!!! (I know y'all think I'm crazy, I'm not, keep reading). 

So we have all heard time and time again that Korean-Americans have the hair industry locked in. This is Fact!  But, why?  Wellllll, this is where it gets fuzzy and we forget. (I use we, because I've been a culprit as well).  

Lately, in my quest to wear protective styles, I've shopped these Korean-American stores because let's face it, braided, well oiled hair grows.  The way Social Media is set up and the crochet styles are popping and all we know is that we want that look.  But I forgot, or at that time I didn't know. 

What I didn't know was that back in the 1960s Korea and the US government came to an agreement that the only "hair" that could enter the US would be from Korea. So basically no other country was allowed to import hair. With that being said, they knew back then that Black Hair was big business. But wait......You Hold the Key! 

So fast forward to 2017, and we are waking up if I may; and more Black Owned Beauty Supply stores are popping up. That's just great right!  So we thought.... you visit the store but her selection is small and her prices are higher. What's up with that???? Welllll that would again be the workings of Korean-Americans. They have the market locked and she either can't get the hair or they're charging her out of the wazooh for the little that she does have. 

So yea, you've probably heard all of that before. But let's look at this. What the good ole government and Korean-Americans did not bank on was Natural Hair!  So now a midst of the weave that they hold hostage they now want to carry Natural Hair Products. But again, that Key..... KEYHOLDER (use this word for savings on your order) 

Naturals are taking over and we have the opportunity to take this business back!!! How? Girl, open your you see that key?  It's there!  I'm not saying don't wear weave because that's crazy. We're gonna wear it. But, pay a little more and shop Black!  There are Black Owned companies that make hair!  The products you use?  Buy products that are made and developed by black companies. There are a lot of black owned hair products. So I don't even want to hear I don't know of any. If you don't. Imma need you to come from under that rock. 

If you are a black owned business, don't be so quick to get your products in their stores. Be selective. 

The things I've listed are gonna entail more work on our end, but this is our industry and we should run it. Who knows black hair better than a black woman? (Insert Keith Sweat singing "Nobody baby")

I have found a list of Black Owned Hair companies. Take a look, who knows you might just find that the hair that they are selling is the best.  So that key that you're still holding, if we all use the one that we have, together we can unlock the gate and we as black women and men can control our industry. 

Please feel free to add black owned hair businesses in the comments section!  

Be blessed and remember Bonnie Loves All Hair!

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  • Thanks for the post. I appreciate your writings as they always inspire me to do something different. I have started my new hair business few days back and earning a good. Anyone of you can start your hair business with no inventory like me.

    White Label Extensions on
  • Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair is owned by a black woman here in NC. Her hair is amazing! She also owns “Curl me Happy hair care” it is a natural hair company.

    VIctoria Harris on

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