Cotton Candi Waist Beads 54”

Cotton Candi Waist Beads 54”

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Wrap yourself in sensuality with BonnieLove Waist Beads. Waist beads help track your weight and embellish your already beautiful body. Made with glass beads and precious stones, once tied, they are a permanent adornment and scream I love me! 

Please measure where you would like your beads to rest on your belly to ensure correct fit. This strand fits a 54” waist or smaller.

Cotton Candi

Brings awareness of self and the world, the universe, and oneness with God, and aligns with nobleness, wisdom, and transformation


Promotes dignity, stability, serenity & purity while supporting mental, emotional, & physical releasing and cleansing  


Brings peace, order, & harmony to your circle, slows the heart rate and offers a calming effect, offers renewal, self control, and enables you to speak your truth. 

What will your waistbeads do?

Shyne represents the Crown,  Etheral and Throat Chakras.