Versatility Pink/Red Satin Bonnet

  • $25.00

Luxury satin bonnet. Handmade with Charmeuse Satin. This bonnet is reversible. 2,3, 4 bonnets in 1!!!!!!! Charmeuse Satin is great for your hair as it prevents breakage and will not dry it out.

U Control the tension!!! No more tight bonnets!  Supersized to cover the longest braids or just tuck the back to cover shorter hair!  U are in control! 

Protect your hair with BonnieLove! No matter if you are natural or relaxed, BonnieLove will reduce breakage and retain length! Great for any hairstyle - naturals, pineapples, locs, braids, weaves, relaxed whatever you can come up with BonnieLove has you covered!

Hand wash and hang to dry.

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