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Getting to know me.......

My name is Mikki and I am the owner of Bonnie Love Boutique.  I live in North Carolina, but originally from New York.  I've been in NC for so long, I guess I am a country girl at heart, but the NY vibe still runs through these veins. 

I am a natural hair lover, but I love all things hair!  I'm no chemist, so products are not my niche, but my hands are gifted (so I've been told) hence the birth of Bonnie Love bonnets. 

I've been making bonnets for almost 3 years now and although there is major work that goes into this, I LOVE what I do!  I mean, you will see so many colors and prints to choose from, so yes I do enjoy what I do. Why wouldn't I, I mean I am helping preserve hair (length retention), and a piece of me is with every bonnet that goes out the door.  

Right now, other than family, Bonnie Love is all me.  I do have someone who is very close to me purchase fabric now, but other than that from start to finish, I am your girl.

I love to hear from my customers, because I just love yall, and if you follow me on social media, you knew that :).  If you would like to connect with me you can find me on FB and IG.

FB - Bonnie Love Boutique

IG - blb_bonnieloveboutique

Also, I love to hear from you, you can email me at bonnieloveboutique@yahoo.com  

Thank you and welcome to #teambonnielove!