Wild Marks Satin Bonnet

  • $12.00

Luxury satin bonnet. Handmade with Charmeuse Satin. This bonnet is not reversible. Charmeuse Satin is great for your hair as it prevents breakage and will not dry it out.

Protect your hair with BonnieLove! No matter if you are natural or relaxed, BonnieLove will reduce breakage and retain length! Great for any hairstyle - naturals, pineapples, locs, braids, weaves, relaxed whatever you can come up with BonnieLove has you covered!

Bonnie Love is extra special as all bonnets are oversized to give you wiggle room as they accommodate different hairstyles. They stay put through the night and the color will not bleed when it comes into contact with the oils in your hair. 

Hand wash and hang to dry.

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